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Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

We guarantee excellence in all auto locksmith services and the most reliable professionals

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Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

We promise the fastest team for all emergency locksmith needs and also efficiency

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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

We provide a range of commercial locksmith services such as office lock maintenance, upgrade and repair.

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We take pride in our locksmith services

See the list below for questions related to our services! Also learn what is the best time to replace locks and keys and why the old ones can cause problems. Also find out what to do when keys get lost.

What do I do in case my keys were lost?

If you lose your house, apartment or car keys, immediately contact us at Locksmith Enumclaw for emergency locksmith services. Contacting a locksmith is way better than fixing or breaking in because they can serve the purpose of coming up with new keys.

You have the option to replace your old locks with a new set, or to rekey the locks for the old keys to unfit.

When do I replace old keys of my house?

When you have moved to a new house or apartment, it is advisable to replace old locks and keys with new ones for security purposes.

You also need to replace old key-in-knob locks which can be easily manipulated or breached. They must be replaced with hardened steel pins. You can call our locksmith services for all these security needs.

Why should I replace my keys often?

Keys age and suffer a lot within pockets and bags. They may get distorted or slightly damaged and they won't fit properly in the lock. Consequently, you might get locked out and the best way to prevent this from happening is proceeding with key replacement regularly according to our locksmith service in Enumclaw.

How often must I replace home locks?

The frequency with which you must have the home door locks replaced depends on your house, neighborhood and personal needs. As an average, Locksmith Enumclaw recommend replacing locks every five or six years, so that you can install new types of modern locks and feel more secure. New security door locks are more resistant.

How many codes are provided with electronic locks?

There are various types of electronic door locks and you can pick with as many different codes as you want. They usually range from 5 to 500 different codes depending on the model and there are always the temporary codes for those who come and go.

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